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Festive Plants this Christmas

Festive plants are a perfect compliment for Christmas.

Indoor plants such as poinsettia, cyclamen & Azalea are ideal to create the seasonal look.

The festive plants are perfect to give as a gift when visiting friends and family & as a Christmas present.

We have plenty of choice right up until Christmas Eve.

Gift wrapped and ready to go!

Free local delivery can be arranged. Though a  modest charge may be required if 'off the beaten track'.

Our bespoke planted arrangements are unique and suitable for all budgets. We can make to order, but sorry we are unable to post these.

Our range include, but not exhaustive the following:

Poinsettia, Azalea, cyclamen, Orchid (5 types), jasmine, christmas cacti, bromelaids, hyacinth, primrose, peace lily, gardenia, stephanotis, rose, helleborus - christmas rose, begonia, bulbs - such as narcissus bridal crown, tete tete, succulents, amayrilis.

Poinsettia many colours Poinsettia in many colours
Stunning Azalea 
cyclamen gift wrapped Gift wrapped cyclamen
primrose basket Primrose baket
poinsettia plant Poinsettia plant
christmas arrangements Planted arrangements


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