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Soft Fruit & bushes

Soft Fruit & fruit bushes

Growing Fruit bushes & soft fruit can be easily achieved even without a garden! Whether you are growing fruit in a fruit cage or on your front door step there are numerous possibilities.

Listed below are the types of fruit we stock at Lyonshall. Most are easy to grow and require little attention.

The Fruit Garden.
If you are fortunate to have the room, developing a fruit garden is very satisfying. You can grow most fruits, if you have a south facing wall or fence, you are in Utopia! 
Raspberry canes in rows, blackcurrants, blueberries & gooseberry in blocks. Strawberry patch with a succession of different varieties that will see you in delicious fruit form June- October. Fan trained redcurrants, whitecurrants & gooseberries. Blackberries, loganberries & tayberries. Grapevines. The list could go on.... Fruit cage with netting to let you eat the fruit not the wildlife? Rhubarb (custard not included!). Don't forget the fruit trees as well, they're not just  grown in an orchard..... If you are like me this this would be the ideal scenario. 

The tantalising smell of fruit ready to be picked, the colours, the textures, My taste buds are working!.... 

However, the majority of us have little room and sometimes little time!  A good variety of fruit can be grown in a small space with a little effort. The use of modern varieties grown in containers can achieve excellent results. I will list types of fruit bushes & other types of soft fruit. I will hopefully indicate where possible where and how they can be grown.

For info on fruit trees please click here. 

Please check with us if you are looking into any of the specific varieties. It is a guide, and they often sell quickly. Usually we have these in stock from end October - May. 

Fruit bushes

  • Blackcurrant - varieties stocked are Ben Alder, Ben Connan, Ben Hope, Ben Sarek* & Ben Tirran
  • Blueberry* - varieties stocked are BlueCrop, Darrow, Gauldtraupe, Northland, 
  • Gooseberry - varieties stocked are Captivator,  Hinnonmaki Green,  Hinnonmaki Red,  Hinnonmaki Yellow & Invicta
  • Redcurrant - Jonkheer Van Tets & Rovada
  • Whitecurrant - White Versailles


  • Blackberry - varieties we stock are: Adrienne, Merton Thornless
  • Loganberry
  • Raspberry - varieties we stock are: Glen Lyon, Malling Jewel, Octavia, Autumn Bliss & Joan J*
  • Tayberry

Other fruit worth growing

  • Strawberry* - varieties we stock include: Albion, Cambridge Favourite, Elsanta, Hapil, Honeoye, Symphony, Alice, Ruby Ann, Elan F1, Toscana, Delizz, LoranF1
  • Melon - Ogen*
  • Juneberry
  • Rhubarb - Timperley Early, Victoria
  • Grape vines - Lakemont, Strawberry, Regent, Pheonix + others usually around 12 varieties.

* = suitable for container growing

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