Fruit Trees & bushes

Almost every garden space can accommodate fresh fruit.  We stock a wide range of trees and bushes all year round so all you have to do is decide. View our range here.


The Benefits of Autumn Tree Planting

Container trees can be planted at any time of the year but established best when planted during the autumn.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend autumn planting.

  • In autumn, trees have stopped putting their energy into producing leaves, flowers and fruit so they can concentrate on developing better roots.
  • Soil temperature and moisture levels are usually just right for promoting root growth which helps the tree to establish
  • Autumn planting lessens transplant shock which allows the tree to settle into its new home more readily
  • Trees planted in autumn will have developed a good root system by the time they start growing again in the spring
  • There is less need to water trees planted in autumn as there is more natural rainfall and the ground is usually consistently moist
  • As well as stronger growth in spring, trees planted in autumn will need less watering the following summer as they will have a more established root system
  • There are fewer potential pest an disease problems to with in autumn and winter


For the smallest space you can grow blueberries in pots and strawberries can grow almost anywhere.  With slightly more room you can try our range of soft fruit bushes – currants, raspberries and gooseberries.  Anyone with space for even the smallest tree can grow a dwarf Apple or Cherry, while for those with a bit more room you can choose from a huge range of traditional favourites or experiment with something different like Quinces, Nuts and Figs.  We also stock Apples and Pears ready trained to grow on walls and fences.


The best time to plant trees and shrubs is in the autumn and early winter when the soil is still warm enough to encourage rooting and there should be no danger of drought.  We have our main deliveries of stock around then so the availability and range are at their best.  We try to source a lot of our trees locally and pot them up in Melcourt Peat Free Sustainable compost.  Our soft fruit comes to us from Scotland.  This is the traditional home of soft fruit growing because of the climate, which provides ideal growing conditions and pest and disease control.  All our soft fruit is also potted in Melcourt Peat Free Sustainable compost. However, that said, the fruit trees & bushes can be planted 12 months of the year as they are in containers. Make sure they have adequate water though during the April- Sept period.


Since we stock such a large range of fruit, we can’t accommodate huge quantities of any one variety, so if you are looking for something very specific please call us to check availability.  If you simply want a nice apple and some good advice we will always have something for you. For a list of apple varieties & their descriptions look here .Looking for a cherry? Find out more here. Fancy a Pear check here. Like a plum, Damson or Gage tree - lots of info here

We also have tree stakes, ties, large containers and a wide range of composts, including Melcourt  Peat Free, to complete the job.


We can deliver trees locally if needed so please ask for details, but we are also very experienced at packing trees into cars so you might be surprised at what you can take away with you.