Trees Worcester

Lyonshall NurseriesTo get trees near Worcester from a place where you will not only find a lot of options to choose from, expert guidance and the necessary equipment and accessories, visit Lyonshall Nurseries. We provide the best value for the money you will spend on your garden and trade in trees grown in the most promising soils and atmosphere by experts.


Our range of trees at Lyonshall nurseries

As a professional team of tree lovers and growers, Lyonshall Nurseries welcomes visitors to a wide range of trees that you can get for your garden. We understand trees make a garden look more than a place for bedding flowers and colour. With a couple of trees in your garden, you can create a magical atmosphere of natural calm, privacy, and freshness right there in front of your patio.

At Lyonshall Nurseries, you will find the widest range of garden trees near Worcester in one place. Visit us to choose from:

  • Year-round-colour trees (snowy mespilus, willows, hawthorn, rowan, etc.)
  • Reliable and sturdy trees (conifers, etc.)
  • Fruit trees (apple, plum, cherry, peach, apricot, etc.)
  • Small garden trees (silver birch, Japanese maple, strawberry, etc.)
  • Christmas trees (Norway spruce, nordmann fir, fraser fir, lodgepole pine, etc.)


Finding your favourite trees near Worcester

If you are looking for trees for your garden, the best option is to find a place where you will find a lot of variety. Since we are talking about a part of the Herefordshire County, we can promise you the biggest and best collection of trees on our premises.

While you are over at Lyonshall Nurseries, make sure you take expert advice from our staff who love helping people grow beautiful gardens. Our team members are experts in all things gardening. The advice they give you will go a long way to making your efforts with your garden trees bear fruit. Tell them about your garden’s shape, size, and other specifications so they can help you find the best options in trees that would look great in your garden. If you have any preferences in tree types, discuss those as well so you only get what you would love to keep.


One-stop shop for your gardening needs

Lyonshall Nurseries has evolved over the years with growing needs of our broadening range of customers. We now not only have the best trees near Worcester but also a wide variety of other types of plants as well as a broad range of accessories and equipment you might need for your garden. Buying from us, you will be taking home all the things you needed for your garden without going to ten other places.

Come and visit us this week and get the best trees for your garden