Wild Bird care

Wild Bird care at Lyonshall


If its your garden wildlife that you enjoy we stock everything you need to keep them full all year round from bird food and feeders to hedgehog houses.

We stock high quality feeds and use various reputable suppliers, such as Tom Chambers, Johnston & Jeff  and Gardman.

Our range

Seed products

We have a range of seed products and blends for all and seasons to keep your garden alive with birds,

JOHNSTON & JEFF NO MESS, NO GROW WILD BIRD FOOD 12.75KG in Eco packaging. The new blend – suitably called No Mess, No Grow Wild Bird Food – is the first to introduce Johnston & Jeff’s new GERMI-NOT ingredients, as well as containing sunflower hearts, berry suet pellets and peanut granules. The mix has undergone a series of processes to prevent seeds from germinating, including kibbling, flaking, shelling and heat treatment. No Mess, No Grow Wild Bird Food enables people who love their gardens, but also want to feed the highest quality bird food available, to do so without having to compromise. The food is packaged in more sustainable retro-style brown paper sacks (weight 12.75Kg) . This is part of our drive to be even more environmentally conscious. Composition: Germi-NOT wheat, Germi-NOT red dari, split maize, sunflower hearts, flaked naked oats, pinhead oatmeal, peanut granules, berry suet pellets.

Johnston & Jeff Spring & Summer blend. Virtually all birds love this blend: This blend helps birds cope with winter stress and also with energizing them for breeding and nest building. It has high energy ingredients combining the right minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins for rebuilding strength and for high quality egg production. This blend is also key to skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings and building up the immune system. Plus it contains aniseed, excellent for digestion

Johnston & Jeff Premium wild bird food with fruit. Tits, Brambling, Finches, Dunnock, Bunting, Sparrows, Linnet, Thrushes, Nuthatch, Siskin, Stonechat,  Starling, Blackbird, Yellow Hammer - will also attract doves and pigeons, and Wrens will come to the suet pellets​: This blend contains 20 different types of naturally occurring wild seeds as well as suet pellets that are energy rich with the yellow pellets containing insects (insectivorous protein) and the red pellets containing berries (Vitamin C and antioxidants). 

Johnston & Jeff Superior Wild bird food. Tits,Brambling, Finches, Dunnock, Bunting, Sparrows, Linnet, Thrushes, Nuthatch, Siskin, Stonechat,  Starling,  Blackbird, Yellow Hammer: A husk free mix means no mess around the feeding area but more importantly a higher nutrient level and energy intake for the birds, plus it's safer for them as they can more effectively look out for predators. It also contains fruit for blackbirds, starlings and song thrushes so will attract a wider variety of birds than the standard mix.

Johnston & Jeff Selected wild bird food. Blackbird, Blue Tit, Brambling, Finches, Bunting, Dunnock, Sparrows, Linnet, Nuthatch, Siskin, Yellow Hammer​: Designed to attract the widest variety of birds possible while using one type of feed, this blend contains small seeds as well as cereals plus vegetable oil to increase feeding values while not containing cheap fillers such as whole oats which have little nutritional value.

Gardman Wild Bird seed mix. This Wild Bird Feed Mix by Gardman will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. It is the nation's favourite bird food for a reason, it is an all-purpose seed blend that contains highly nutritious ingredients such as oats, wheat, maize, sunflower seeds, dari and soya oil. Loved by a wide range of wild birds including Robins, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, House Sparrows and Collard Doves.

J & J Niger seed. Tits, Finches and Siskins: This is a superb little seed, easily digestible, high in oils, protein and energy.

Black oil sunflower seeds. Blue Tit, Brambling, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Gold Finch, Great Tit, Sparrow, Nuthatch, Siskin, Yellow Hammer​: This seed is high energy and an excellent food source for birds.

Sunflower hearts. Virtually all birds with the exception of maybe Pipits and Wrens which may take these if mealworms and insects are not available​: This seed has high levels of oil and energy for birds. 

Suet products

Bird balls, suet blocks, suet feasts. Finches, Tits, Brambling, Woodpeckers, Nuthatch, Robin, Starlings. Wren, Tree Sparrow – and particularly important for insect-eaters: Suet is pure refined animal or vegetable fat and is one of the most concentrated and easily metabolised energy foods for wild birds. It gives them instant vigour, and they love it. It's a superb all-year-round food, and can even cope with hard frost.

Gardman supreme suet balls x 50 ball tub.  Offers an essential high energy supplement which is a year round favourite with our feathered friends. Suitable for use in fat snax feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding. These Suet Balls are made from a high quality suet, seed and cereal mix, and are packed in a convenient resealable plastic tub to ensure they are kept in tip top condition until needed.

Johnston & Jeff box of 50 high quality suet balls are now packaged in an ECO box. Keep your old plastic tubs and then you can reuse with these & recycle the packaging. Excellent idea.

Nut products

Monkey nuts: Excellent for all tits: Peanuts in the shell that make birds work for their food. Members of the Tit family will often tackle these rather than go for the easier, kernel option.

Johnston & Jeff Peanuts: Blue Tit, Brambling, Bullfinch, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Sparrow, Nuthatch, Buntings, Siskin, Song Thrush, Starling​: Peanuts have a high oil and protein content ideal for birds. 

Other feeds

Mealworms. Most birds love these, but Robins and Blackbirds most of all: Excellent source of high energy proteins providing essential all year round feeding, particularly for fledglings and for adult birds.

Jonston & Jeff Calciworms. A more economical alternative to Mealworms, it is however still packed with nutrient goodness. they contain around 50 times more calcium than other insects or worms.

Thank you to Johnston & Jeff for the information regarding their feeds. 

Also we have a wide range Bird Tables and Bird Baths.