Perennials Herefordshire

If you seek gorgeous perennials in Herefordshire, you have come to the right page. At Lyonshall Nurseries, we keep the biggest collection of perennials in the whole county, and that is a promise. Because perennials make the most popular form of garden plant due to the many shapes and colours they come in, we have always maintained our collection of the beautiful flowering plants.  


Why we keep the largest stock of perennials in Herefordshire

There are in fact a number of reasons why we have so many of them in our stock. The most interesting reason is they have always been really good at catching the visitor’s eye. They come in many colours and, set on display in geometrical shapes together, they have a unique and singular effect: they always manage to catch the eye. It is so because they are small plants with a lot of colourful flowers dancing together in the wind.

We have such a big stock of perennials in Herefordshire for another important reason, too. The fact is the moment you look at a few perennials blossoming together you cannot help but imagine them creating this effect in your garden. With the dull greens of your shrubs and vegetables, the garden could do with some zest of pink, lilac, and yellow.


Perennials Herefordshire Why so many visitors buy our perennials

The perennials we keep at Lyonshall Nurseries are of various kinds and colours. The variety in colour allows for a garden owner to pick perennials more often than not, since perennials are the only type of plant that offers such an amazing range of shades that covers every gardener’s need for a vivid look for their garden.

The variety available in this plant is more than that of colours and is partly why we keep the biggest stock of perennials in Herefordshire.

  • They come in many shapes and sizes―from the tall and upright rudbeckia daisy to the short geraniums
  • They have a range of plants blooming in different seasons to keep your garden looking lively all through the year
  • Some of them look best in the middle of the group while others make smart borders, looking like natural sentinels.


Late summer perennials

While most perennials bloom in spring and stay fresh until late summer, others are ready to take their place when they stop flowering for the year. Plume Poppy, Mount Fuji, Little Carlow, and Ruby Glow are only a few such perennials.


Winter perennials

We also have a number of winter perennials in inventory, which start blooming in late September and look fresh well into the winter. Hellebores, Bergenia, and Cuckoo Pint are just three such examples.

Visit Lyonshall Nurseries any day of the week and choose from the biggest collection of perennials in Herefordshire.