Nursery Kington

Lyonshall Nurseries is the ideal nursery in Kington for many reasons. It is based in the village of Lyonshall, just around the corner from the town, and has a wide variety of plants and equipment on sale for your garden. The ground staff is trained and is a great help for troubled garden owners. Moreover, the place has a great display of hundreds of colourful flowers, and is open all days of the week. Hardly any other nursery in your locality can make all these claims at once.


Getting to Lyonshall Nurseries and what you will find there

Nursery KingtonFinding your way to Lyonshall Nurseries is very easy for Kington residents. The drive is convenient and lasts a few minutes if you are visiting us from the town centre. All you have to do is take the A44 to the East and you’ll pass across our parking space and welcome sign after a sharp bend.

  • When you get to our doorstep, you will see it is a considerably big covered place, which will give you some idea of our variety of displays and plants and why our customers call us the “best nursery in Kington.”
  • When you have parked your car and entered the premises, you will find our friendly staff waiting to guide you to the section of your choice where you can discuss your options, get expert advice, and buy the items you want.
  • A taxi service out of Kington gives special discounts to our customers to carry their purchases home safely. You can use the facility if your car does not have enough room for all the things you purchase at Lyonshall Nurseries.  


Our merchandise 

Our reputation as the go-to nursery in Kington is built mainly due to our customer service and merchandise. We have a wide variety of vegetable and fruit plants, trees, roses, shrubs, perennials, seasonal plants, beddings, climbers, herbs, annuals, houseplants, and bulbs on display. You can buy any of these depending on your choice. We also have a range of other products and items that are important for garden owners, including gardening tools for a number of purposes, protection equipment for your garden, pots and containers for your plants, and watering equipment. Additionally, we have a variety of pet supplies, seeds, soil and fertilisers, and various pesticides available.  If you are in need of exquisite looking garden furniture, we have a variety of items to show you, and, if you want to get a gift for a friend in love with gardening, you will find a number of options available at Lyonshall Nurseries.


Visit our nursery in Kington

Since we are open all week, visit us any day and let’s build your garden to perfection together.