Cherry varieties & descriptions

These are the varieties of Cherry trees that we stock along with descriptions. 

Please be aware the list is not our availability. Please check with us before making a long trip, either via this website or by phone on 01544 340214.


Cherries are easy to grow. We sell lots of different varieties in different forms. i.e. You can grow dwarf varieties on dwarfing rootstocks Gisela 5 or perhaps a standard garden variety grown on a Colt root stock. There are also fan trained versions as well.

Please find below our guide to the types we stock and the descriptions. We have also included a chart as guide to the rootstock the varieties can be grown on.

Root stock, simply means that the variety is grafted onto a sapling that is of known vigour. So for cherries there are 2 main types used for dwarfing plants, ie to stay small if grown in a container or where space is limited this is Gisela 5. For normal growth where there is room in garden or for training the multi purpose Colt rootstock is preferred.



    Large, sweet, dark red dessert variety.  Naturally dwarf habit and trouble free.  Self fertile.  Ready in early July.
    Very hardy and reliable, with good disease resistance. Cooking variety. Large dark red fruit in late July.  Self fertile.
    Good eating variety, well suited to smaller gardens. 
    Good for cooking and eating. The tree itself is strong vigor, widely-sprade, good ramifying. 
    Reliable heavy cropper.  Large, sweet, juicy dark red fruit in late July.  Self fertile but also a good pollinator for others.
    Hardy, ideal in colder more exposed areas.  Compact self fertile trees.  Fruit firm, dark red and said to have ‘exquisite’ flavour!  Harvest in late July.
    Dessert variety with firm, sweet, tasty fruit.  Ripens unevenly so is useful for extending the picking season around late August.  Self fertile and a good pollinator for other varieties.



Cherry Varieties  Form Available  Size Rootstocks
Cherry (Prunus) Celeste® Patio 11.5L container Gisela 5®
Cherry (Prunus) Morello Bush 12L container Colt
Cherry (Prunus) Morello Half-Standard 12L container Colt
Cherry (Prunus) Petit Noir Bush 12L container Colt
Cherry (Prunus) STARDUST® COVEU Bush 12L container Colt
Cherry (Prunus) Stella Patio 11.5L container Gisela 5®
Cherry (Prunus) Stella Bush 12L container Colt
Cherry (Prunus) Summer Sun Bush 12L container Gisela 5®
Cherry (Prunus) Sweetheart® Bush 12L container Colt

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