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Our range of Composts and Growing Media 2023


Peat free & Organic Composts

There is an increasing awareness of environmental issues & sustainability practices, carbon footprint etc. Peat reduction being one of them. Lyonshall nurseries have selected a range of peat free and organic growing media to help reduce the use of peat. Historically the peat free substitutes were inconsistent. We believe in the range we stock. 

  • We sell & use ourselves -  Melcourt Sylvagrow Multipurpose Compost and Sylvagrow with added John Innes, which are both peat free growing media. We sow all of our vegetable plants in this this compost with nearly 100% germination.
  • Locally produced Carr's Organic Compost and Soil Improver is an excellent organic growing media based on worm casts & natural farmyard manure. This reduces our carbon footprint and David Austin Roses swear by it.
  • There are also other peat free compost options in stock., such as Westland's New Horizon Peat Free all Plant Compost, (much improved formula), Miracle Gro Peat Free All Purpose compost, Westland New Horizon Veg Planter, Westlands Tree & Shrub Peat Free.
  • Vitax's Suttons' 6X Natural Plant Feed; a very rich feed that can supplement other growing media and goes a long way. 
  • Organic Farmyard Manure is of good quality and is economical. Used for feeding the soil and as a mulch.

Multipurpose composts

Our multipurpose composts are perfect for a range of gardening applications in various sized bags. We only stock good quality brands and you will find a compost best suited to your needs.

  • We stock ‚ÄčGrowmoor Multipurpose Compost range in volumes from 20 to 80 litres. We like this and grow most of our annuals in the Growmoor Professional Compost 80litre bags. It's consistency is always good. The 20 & 50& 60 litre Multipurpose bags also produces consistent results, these have less peat in than the Professional.
  • Miracle-Gro Premium All Purpose is dark like Levington's Original is a reputable one to try.
  • Westlands Jack's Magic; a seaweed enriched all purpose compost is a new addition and has become popular. Our stocks are low on 60 litre this is peat based, We will then sell the 50 litre version with a 50% peat reduction!
  • Westlands Multi-Purpose with added John Innes is a great compost as it holds the nutrient levels & has body!
  • Growmoor  Gro Start 4 plant GrowbagGro is a good economical multipurpose compost for salad vegetables and herbs as well as the normal tomatoes & peppers.

Specialist composts

  • At Lyonshall nurseries we also stock a range of specialised growing media for a range of garden activities. from Ericaceous Compost, Cactus, Succulent , Citrus & Orchid. Tree & shrub, Top Soil and a range of other quality composts.
  • We stock Ericaceous, Tub & Basket, and Tree, Shrub & Rose Compost.
  • For seed and cutting we have Melcourt SylvaGrow All Purpose & All Purpose with John Innes, Westlands Growsure Seed & Cutting Compost as well as John Innes Seed which are specialised to give your plants the right start.
  • John InnesNo's 1,2 & 3 loam based composts are also all stocked by us and offer a very good medium for plant growth.

Tomatoes have the specialised Levington Tomorite Tomato Planter that contains Tomorite tomato feed, designed to improve yields & Westlands Big Tom Planter, which is similar. For a more general vegetable planting we have the Miracle Gro Vegetable Planter that contains organic plant food. Bark Chips also offer a decorative but practical option for planting as they help with moisture retention and weed suppression while also looking good.

Soil improvers 

We stock soil improvers that will help to make your garden thrive both with tasty vegetables and beautiful plants.

  • Organic Farmyard Manure is perfect for adding natural nutrients to your soils. 
  • we also stock Carr's Organic Soil Improver which is locally produced and based on farmyard manure.
  • Westlands Top Soil is another soil improvement option.

Lyonshall Nurseries have all our compost and growing media undercover in our special area designated in the garden centre. This keeps the product dry and clean. There are plenty of customer trolleys to take compost to the till area. If you would like help with your compost please ask and we will be very happy to assist. We also have a delivery service, charges may apply. 



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