The Tomato.

The tomato needs no introduction. It's a favourite for everyone. What better than eating the fruits of your labour straight off the vine. It could be a sweet cherry tomato warmed by the sun. The big juicy steak tomato or one for that perfect salad. The unforgettable pasta sauce, chutneys, soups & other winter warmers & so on.
The tomato you have to admit, is versatile. It is fortunate that the vitamin rich nutritious super food is easy to grow. No matter how much space or experience there is a variety & type to suit everyone. 

At Lyonshall Nurseries we grow all our tomato plants. We have them available from late March until the end of May.

It can be mind blowing in how many varieties there are. We grow the best & most reliable vareties. We have the early glasshouse (indoor) types, Shirley is a big favourite. The reliable, high yielding varieties such as Money Maker. Cherry types such as Super Sweet 100 & Gardeners Delight. Some of these types can also be grown outdoors later on. Alicante, MegaByte & St Pierre are good ones to try. Not forgetting the ever increasing new varieties for growing in tubs & baskets, such as Red Profusion, Tumbler, Tumbling Tom & Sweet & Neat.

I have put together some info on growing tomatoes successfully - here. If you are interested please take a look.

I will list the varieties we have for 2018 & the type & sizes of the tomato and plant.

Vine or Cordon (Interdeterminate) types.

Normal size fruits
Shirley F1
Pannovy F1
Ailsa Craig
Mountain Magic F1

Cherry size fruits 
Sweet Aperatif
Nectar F1
Rapunzel F1
Sweet Million F1
Gardeners Delight
Sungold F1
Golden Sunrise
Golden Crown
Floridity F1
Sweet 100 F1
Suncherry Premium F1

Plum types
Olivade F1

Beefsteak size
Buffalo Steak
Brandy Boy
Gigantomo F1


Bush larger fruits
MegaByte F1

Bush cherry size fruit
Sweet 'n' Neat Raspberry Ruffles
Totem Red F1
Topsy Tom F1

Basket or semi-trailing types
Tumbler F1
Tumbling Tom Red
Tumbling Tom Yellow
Red Profusion F1

Descriptions & Images to follow very soon.

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