Garden Centre Worcester

Lyonshall Nurseries is a very interesting garden centre near Worcester in many ways. Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of products that you can buy at attractive prices but also expert tips and guidance that our staff dispenses for free. It is a worthwhile trip and you can get special discounts from our partner taxi service to carry your merchandise home safely.


Garden Centre near Worcester7 reasons why you would want to visit our garden centre near Worcester

Lyonshall Nurseries has become a modern place for all things gardening. Over the last 15 years, we have established a practice where customers are welcomed warmly and given attention, product lists include a majority of items visitors are looking for, and expert personnel are happy to guide our customers about their needs. We can give you six more valuable reasons why you should not miss visiting our garden centre near Worcester:

  1. We are only an hour away if you take the A44 out of Worcester.
  2. We are open every day of the week so you can visit on a Saturday or Sunday if you are busy during the weekdays.
  3. We offer the best value for the money you spend without compromising on quality.
  4. Our garden centre near Worcester has all kinds of plants you might need for your own garden.
  5. We have a comprehensive range of products, including all kinds of plants and assorted equipment and gifts.
  6. Kington Taxis offers special discounts to our customers for carrying their purchases home safely.
  7. Even if you are not inclined to maintain a garden at home, you can bring your family around for a wonderful, relaxing picnic in the healthy environment close to nature.


Why Worcester people are visiting Lyonshall Nurseries

We get regular visitors from Worcester who cannot resist the opportunity to visit our garden centre for all the value we offer. For the past many years, we have welcomed countless residents of the city in our premises and guided them with their gardening-related problems. Our trained ground team is always ready and willing to answer any questions our visitors have, for instance, about what plants they should get, and help them purchase the right accessories. We are often called the best garden centre near Worcester by many of these visitors and customers.


Dependable help. Competitive prices. Easy location.

Visiting Lyonshall Nurseries, you can count on getting good expert advice and the value for your money and locating our premises easily. We hardly take a day off, which means you can easily visit us any day of the week you want to! Plan your visit now!