Garden Trees

There is one thing for sure a Tree is for life!

A garden without a tree no matter how small, just isn't a garden.

Some of us are fortunate to have plenty of space to plant trees. Whether a Grove, Coppice or a small stand. A Beautiful single specimen, a tree in a container or group of just 3  there is a tree out there for every ones situation.

Trees can be as small as say less than one metre or get to grow to 30 metres+!

At the nursery we do like our trees and you will find a good range.

  • Tree planting season is usually from October - March.
  • Trees can be planted all year round but need a lot more care to establish if planted in the Summer period.
  • We love to help you find something thats going to work for you, so please visit and hopefully we can advise you.
  • We can also deliver them. Unfortunately we don't provide a planting service, however, we do have some experts we can put you in touch and get it planted successfully.

Please find below a selection of trees we are stocking this season. Please be aware this is a guide and some varieties may not be available all of the time.

AGM (Award of Garden Merit) means this is a recommended choice by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and has performed well in trials.

List is in alphabetical order of the scientific (latin) names

Acer davidii Viper mindavi Snake Bark Maple Upright small tree, green and white bark,orange in autumn   
Acer griseum Paper Bark Maple Ideal small tree, peeling brown bark, brilliant autumn colour AGM
Acer platanoides Crimson King Red Norway Maple Fast growing, large intense purple leaves, brilliant in autumn  
Acer x freemanii Autumn Blaze Freeman Maple Vigorous, large leaves, vibrant autumn colour AGM
Amelanchier canadensis Glenform Rainbow Pillar Snowy Mespilus Compact, upright, scented flowers,great autumn colour  
Amelanchier La Paloma Snowy Mespilus White pendulous flowers, copper foliage, ideal small tree AGM
Amelanchier laevis R J Hilton Snowy Mespilus Free flowering pink buds open to white, deep copper leaves  
Amelanchier laevis Snowflakes Snowy Mespilus Large single white flowers, copper leaves, bushy  
Amelanchier lamarckii Snowy Mespilus Silky copper young leaves, white flowers, spreading habit AGM
Amelanchier x grandiflora Robin Hill Snowy Mespilus Pink flower buds open to white, finely serated leaves AGM
Betula albosinensis Hergest Birch Copper brown bark fading to pinkish white, toothed leaves AGM
Betula albosinensis Kansu Chinese Red Bark Birch Strong growing, peeling copper/pink bark, shiny dark foliage  
Betula McBeath Silver Birch Briliant white bark, slow upright growth, glossly foliage  
Betula pendula Dalecarlica Swedish Birch Tall, slender, drooping branches feathery foliage, white bark  
Betula pendula Fastigata Joes Birch Narrow pyramid, twisting branches, excellent autumn colour  
Betula pendula Karaca Dwarf Weeping Birch Fine feathery yellow green foliage, good in container  
Betula pendula Spider Alley Silver Birch Twisted branches, heart shaped leaves, silver/pink bark  
Betula pendula Youngii Youngs Weeping Birch Mushroom shaped tree, glossy green leaves, autumn colour  
Betula Red Lady Red Birch Strong growing, multicoloured copper and pink bark  
Betula utilis Buddha Birch Fast growing, pinkish copper bark, large glossy leaves AGM
Betula utilis Forest Blush Silver Birch Smooth white bark with a hint of pink, slender growth AGM
Betula utiilis jacquemontii Silver Shadow Silver Birch Dazzling white stems, drooping dark green foliage AGM
Betula utilis jacquemontii Himalayan White Birch Ascending branches, distinctive white bark once mature  
Betula utilis Nepalese Orange Himalayan Birch Copper orange bark, noticeable banding, very hardy tree  
Betula utilis Snow Queen Silver Birch Showy white bark from early age, upright growth AGM
Betula utilis Wakehurst Place Chocolate Himalayan Birch Upright growth, dark chocolate coloured bark, autumn colour AGM
Cersis canadensis Forest Pansy Red Bud Rich plum purple heart shaped leaves, pink/purple flowers AGM
Cersis canadensis Rising Sun Red Bud Yellow/orange young leaves turning lime green, lilac flowers  
Cersis canadensis Ruby Falls Weeping Red Bud Graceful weeping puruple leaved tree, pink flowers  
Cersis canadensis Merlot Red Bud Glossy deep purple heart shaped leaves, pink flowers  
Cotoneaster frigudus Cornubia Evergreen Cotoneaster Vigorous arching semi -evergreen, scented flowers, red fruit AGM
Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus Weeping Cotoneaster Reliable small evergreen tree, white flowers, red fruit  
Cotoneaster salicifolius Exburiensis Yellow Cotoneaster Small bushy evergreeen shrub, white flowers, yellow fruit AGM
Crataegus laevigata Crimson Cloud Crimson Hawthorn Single crimson and white scented flowers, small red haws  
Crataegus laevigata Plena Double White Hawthorn Small thorny tree, abundant double white flowers, no haws AGM
Crataegus laevigata Rosea Flore Pleno Double Pink Hawthorn Small thorny tree, double pink flowers, red haws AGM
Crataegus succculenta Jubilee Thorn Tree Thorny, good autumn colour and large red fruit  
Eucalyptus gunnii Azura Gum Tree More compact, bushy and hardy than E. gunnii  
Eucalyptus gunnii Gum Tree Quick growing large evergreen, silver blue floiage  
Euonymus hamiltonianus Indian Summer Spindle Tree Large shrub, ruby red autumn colour, dusky pink fruit  
Gleditsia triacanthos Spectrum Locust Tree Brilliant yellow-gold foliage, easy to grow  
Ilex aquifolium Handsworth New Silver Silver Variegated Holly Large, dense, prickly, evergreen with red berries AGM
Ilex aquifolium J.C. van Tol Holly Self fertile, almost spineless evergreen, red berries AGM
Ilex aquifolium Nellie R stevens Holly Relatively fast, emerald green spiny foliage, red berries  
Koelreutia paniculata Coral Sun Golden Rain Tree Coral shoots, fernlike foliage, yellow flower, autumn colour AGM
Liquidambar styraciflua Palo Alto Sweet gum Narrow pyramid, fabulous autumn colour, attractive bark  
Liquidambar styraciflua Thea Sweet gum Large conical tree, intense red/burgundy/purple in autumn  
Liquidambar styraciflua Worplesdon Sweet gum Vigorous tree, intense autumn colour and fruit, winter bark AGM
Magnolia Aphrodite Deciduous Magnolia Upright small tree, intense magenta red tulip-like flowers  
Magnolia Black Tulip Deciduous Magnolia Vigorous,large burgundy purple blooms  
Magnolia Daybreak Deciduous Magnolia Broad pyramid, fragrant large rose pink flowers AGM
Magnolia Elisa Odenwald Deciduous Magnolia Small upright tree, large fragrant white flowers  
Magnolia Genie Deciduous Magnolia Compact, flowers tulip shaped, rich maroon  
Magnolia Honey Tulip Deciduous Magnolia Small tree, goblet shaped golden yellow flowers  
Magnolia Livingstone Deciduous Magnolia Small upright tree, vibrant dark purple red flowers  
Magnolia Premier Cru Deciduous Magnolia Round spreading tree,deep rosy red flowers  
Magnolia Summer Solstice Deciduous Magnolia Upright small tree, fragrant cup shaped deep pink flowers  
Malus Brandy Wine Crab Apple Fragrant double rose pink flower, large yellow fruit  
Malus brevipes Wedding Bouquet Crab Apple Single ivory flowers, tiny dark red fruit all winter  
Malus Butterball Crab Apple Pink buds, white flowers, marble sized yellow fruit  
Malus Candymint Weeping Crab Apple Dainty weeping tree, soft pink flowers, purple fruit  
Malus Comtesse de Paris Crab Apple Delicate white flowers, small yellow fruit through winter AGM
Malus Dr Campbells (Robert's Crab) Crab Apple Abundant pink flowers, exceptionally large dark fruit  
Malus Evereste Crab Apple Large soft pink flowers, red/yellow fruit, good pollinator AGM
Malus Evereste Patio (M27) Dwarf Crab Apple As above but on dwarfing rootstock  
Malus floribunda Japanese Crab Apple Pretty tree, red buds, blush flowers,red/yellow fruit AGM
Malus Gorgeous Crab Apple Compact, scented pale pink blossom, mini red apples  
Malus Indian Magic Crab Apple Magenta pink flowers, red/orange fruit through winter  
Malus ioensis Fimbriata Prairie Crab Apple Spectacular fragrant pink double flowers, few fruit  
Malus ioensis Purpurea Evelyn Prairie Crab Apple Purple leaves, single rose red flowers, variable fruit  
Malus Jelly King Crab Apple Vigorous, compact, white flower,large pinkish fruit AGM
Malus Louisa Weeping Crab Apple Graceful, rose pink flowers, golden fruit  
Malus Pink Perfection Crab Apple Double pink and white flowers, small red fruit  
Malus Prairie Fire Crab Apple Upright, vibrant deep pink flowers, purple fruit  
Malus purpurea Crimson Cascade Weeping Crab Apple Small, bronzy foliage, single pink flowers, red fruit  
Malus Scarlet Brandywine Crab Apple Fragrant deep rose pink flowers, pumpkin orange fruit  
Malus Sugar Tyme Crab Apple Pink buds, fragrant white flowers, purple red fruit  
Malus Sun Rival Weeping Crab Apple Fragrant delicate pink flowers, dark red fruit AGM
Malus toringo Aros Dwarf Crab Apple Burgundy foliage, pink/purple flowers, dark red fruit AGM
Malus toringo sargentii Tina Patio Dwarf Crab Apple Small, white flowers with gold anthers, cherrylike fruit  
Malus trilobata Guardsman Crab Apple Rare, distinctive, large white flowers, small green fruit  
malus tschonoskii Belmonte Crab Apple Blue green leaf, small white flowers, yelow/brown fruit  
Malus x robusta Red Sentinel Crab Apple Blush white fragrant flowers, large bright red fruit  AGM
Malus x robusta Red Sentinel Patio (M27) Dwarf Crab Apple As above but on dwarfing rootstock AGM
Populus nigra Hanging Tree Black Poplar Large tree, foliage has balsam fragrance  
Prunus Beni-yutuka JapaneseFlowering Cherry Semi-double sugar pink flowers, distinct eye AGM
Prunus Catherine JapaneseFlowering Cherry Single white flowers in late winter/very early spring  
Prunus Fragrant Cloud (Shizuka) JapaneseFlowering Cherry Scented large semi-double white flowers  AGM
Prunus Hokusai JapaneseFlowering Cherry Vigorous, flowers semi-double pink scented AGM
Prunus Ichiyo (Pink Champagne) JapaneseFlowering Cherry Vigorous, frilled double shell pink flowers AGM
Prunus incisa  Mikinori Patio JapaneseFlowering Cherry Very small tree, pink buds, white flowers AGM
Prunus incisa Oshidori Princesse Patio Dwarf Fuji Cherry Blush white/delicate pink flowers AGM
Prunus incisa Pendula Patio Weeping Fuji Cherry Small, graceful, delicate single white flowers AGM
Prunus incisa Yamadei Patio Dwarf Fuji Cherry Small umbrella shape, single white bell shaped flowers AGM
Prunus Kanzan JapaneseFlowering Cherry Strong growing, dense double bright pink flowers AGM
Prunus Kiku-shidare-zakura (120 cm) Weeping Cherry Small weeping tree, double pink flowers  
Prunus Mikurama-gaeshi JapaneseFlowering Cherry Small tree, dense single blush pink flowers  
Prunus Okame JapaneseFlowering Cherry Small single deep pink flowers, autumn fruit AGM
Prunus pendula Stellata Japanese Weeping Cherry Small, graceful, clear pink star shaped flowers AGM
Prunus Pink Parasol 'Hanagasa'  JapaneseFlowering Cherry Graceful, heavy clusters of largepale pink flowers  
Prunus Pink Perfection JapaneseFlowering Cherry Exotic double rose pink flowers, long lasting AGM
Prunus Royal Flame 'Mieke' JapaneseFlowering Cherry Pyramid with small fragrant pure white flowers  
Prunus Shirotae JapaneseFlowering Cherry Large semi-double fragrant white flowers. Classic. AGM
Prunus Snow Showers Weeping Cherry Small weeping tree, dense single white flowers  
Prunus Snow  Showers Patio (90 cm) Weeping Cherry    
Prunus Tai-haku Great White Cherry Very large single ice-white flowers AGM
Prunus Taoyame (120 cm) JapaneseFlowering Cherry Elegant, semi double shell pink scented flowers AGM
Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Autumn Cherry Small tree, semi-double white flower from November  
Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea  Autumn Cherry Semi double pale pink flower from November AGM
Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea  TW Grafted Autumn Cherry Double pink autumn cherry grafted on P.serrula trunk  
Salix alba Golden Ness Golden Willow Vigorous, golden winter branches, hard prune AGM
Salix alba Golden Curls Corkscrew Willow Pendulous tree, twisted stems and leaves  
Sorbus aucuparia Croft Coral Mountain Ash Neat tree, coral orange fruit  
Sorbus Autumn Spire Mountain Ash Small, upright, yellow berries with red centre AGM
Sorbus bissetii Pearls Mountain Ash Small, elegant, pale pink berries   
Sorbus cashmiriana Mountain Ash Pink tinted flowers, large persistent white berrries  
Sorbus Chinese Lace Mountain Ash Deep cut foliage, abundant dark red fruit  
Sorbus discolor Mountain Ash Small, upright, orange fruit  
Sorbus Eastern Promise Mountain Ash Dense clusters of deep rose pink fruit AGM
Sorbus folgneri Emiel Whitebeam Narrow leaves, white beneath, orange red fruit AGM
Sorbus hupiensis Pink Pagoda Mountain Ash Blue green leaves, persistent pink fruit  
Sorbus Pink Ness Mountain Ash Mauve pink fruit, good autumn colour  
Sorbus pseudovilmorinii Mountain Ash Very small, ferny leaves, rose red berries  
Sorbus Ravensbill Mountain Ash Small upright, orange berries, distinctive black winter buds  
Sorbus ulleungensis Olympic Flame Mountain Ash Columnar, feathery leaves, orange red berries AGM
Sorbus vilmorinii Pink Charm Mountain Ash Small tree, feathery leaves, pink fruit  
Sorbus Wisley Gold Mountain Ash Strong growing, toothed foliage, huge bunches of golden fruit AGM
Taxodium distichum Shawnee Brave Swamp Cypress Narrow pyramid to 20m, soft green fooliage, tawny in autumn  
Taxodium imbricarium  Nutans Swamp Cypress Tall column, drooping branches, orange brown in autumn  
Taxodium Peve Minaret Swamp Cypress Very small, slow growing, fern like foliage, autumn colour  

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