First Early Seed Potato


Listed below are the First early seed potatoes we stock.

First earlies.
These are your early or 'new' potatoes. Early maturing and will only keep in the ground for about 2 weeks after maturing. Great for boiling, salads, mashing and roasting. Arran Pilot & Pentland Javelin are the favourites in the Herefordshire region. They will normally be free of pests & importantly diseases such as potato blight.
If you are only grow in containers and want 'new' potatoes go for these. Harvest times vary depending on the variety but usually from June- July.
Swift & Rocket, as the name suggests mature quickly often within 10 weeks.

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First early seed potato varieties

  Arran Pilot. Boiling  & chipping. The nation’s favourite garden-grown variety. Arran Pilot has been around since 1930 and has remained popular due to its excellent taste and early boiling ability. Arran Pilot produces high yields of white skinned tubers with shallow eyes. The flesh is pure white and is among the best boiling potatoes available. Great resistance to all forms of scab and scores a high 9 for spraing resistance.

Casablanca. Boiling, mashing, baking, chips, roast. New, white skinned first early with the potential to beat Winston on the showbench. A clean, smooth white with shallow eyes makes Casablanca an exhibitors delight while it’s cooking ability make it a chef’s dream with the ability to chip, bake or boil really nicely.Edible size crops can be achieved in 62 days from planting.

 Duke of York.  Boiling, baking, chipping, salad. Old heritage potato variety, first entered on the national list back in 1891. Since their introduction Duke of York soon became famous for their great taste and all-round culinary use in the kitchen. Duke of York potatoes are oval shaped with yellow flesh. Once they are boiled, Duke of York potatoes are dry and mealy, making them an ideal variety to boil straight from your garden. Duke of York seed potatoes show good resistance to dry rot.

 International Kidney. Boiling & salad. Officially classed as an early maincrop it can also be classed as a second early due to the fact it is grown so early on some areas. Introduced in 1879, International Kidney are now considered to be a heritage variety that has stood the tests of both time, and taste.Tubers are of a kidney shape with shallow eyes and white flesh and skin.

 Foremost.  Boiling, baking,  salad. Variety of heritage potatoes first added to the national variety list in 1954. Although Foremost was a instant hit with gardeners who liked it’s excellent flavour and resistance to disintegration when boiling, it’s average sized yields and disease resistance meant it never really took off commercially. That said, it does have good common scab resistance. Foremost potatoes are short to oval in shape with white skin and waxy white flesh.Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

Home Guard.  Boiling, roasting, baking, chipping. Well known for its early lifting ability Home Guard also has high resistance to all forms of scab and spraing. Uniform, oval, white skinned potatoes with shallow eyes are the trademark of Home Guard Seed Potatoes.Firm, creamy white, dry flesh of good flavour makes sure they are a kitchen favourite.Often described as “The perfect all rounder” which explains why Home Guard seed potatoes have been one of the gardener's favourite potatoes since WW II.

 Lady Christl. Boiling, chipping, salad.  Lady Christl seed potatoes produce very early oval tubers of a medium size with good size yields. Lady Christl tubers are yellow skinned, with great tasting, creamy-to-waxy flesh.Shows good all-round disease resistance, in particular to common scab and potato cyst nematode (PCN). Lady Christl won the RHS award of garden merit which is a great recommendation to anybody thinking about growing these potatoes at home.

Maris Bard.  Boiling, baking, salad. Produces high yielding crops of a good even size and, for many years, was the leading first early for maturing the fastest. Maris Bard potatoes are oval shaped with white skins, shallow tuber eyes white flesh.  Maris Bard are best suited to boiling and early salad use in the kitchen – simply dig, wash, boil and serve. Good resistance against common scab.

 Pentland Javelin.  Boiling, chipping, salad. were bred by a young Jack Dunnett back in 1968 and have, for many years been considered to be one of the finest first earlies that you can grow. Pentland Javelin produces heavy crops of short oval white skinned tubers with pure white tasty flesh. A great potato to simply throw into the pan and boil for salads. Pentland Javelin has good all-round disease resistance to common scab and blackleg.

 Premiere Boiling, roasting, baking, chipping, salad. High yielding first early variety, oval-to-round in shape, with shallow eyes. Introduced in 1979, Premiere potatoes are popular due to their great all round disease resistance to blight, common scab, powdery scab, spraing and potato cyst nematode (PCN). Premiere tubers are yellow skinned and the flesh is also yellow and very tasty.

 Red Duke of York   Boiling, roasting, baking, chipping. A heritage potato variety dating back to 1942 and produces red skinned tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh. The first Red Duke was said to be found in amongst a crop of white dukes in Holland. Red Dukes are a dry, mealy potato packed with flavour and do not disintegrate on boiling. Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

 Rocket.  Boiling, salad. Rocket’s ability to grow large crops of uniformed round tubers made it very popular.Considered to be one of the better exhibition potatoes at the time, Rocket tubers are white fleshed and skinned with shallow eyes with a mild taste.There is good resistance to blackleg,common scab and spraing. Lifting your Rocket potatoes before full maturity is recommended to prevent the tubers from cracking.

 Sharpes Express.  Boiling, chipping, roasting. Sharpes Express tubers are long and oval shaped with white skins and pale, lemon-coloured flesh. Their highly dry matter makes Sharpes Express a great potato in the kitchen with great all-round cooking use. Sharpes Express has a fine flavour and is suited to boiling, roasting and chipping. Sharpes Express has good resistance to common scab and tubers have shallow eyes.

Swift. Boiling, roasting, baking, chipping, salad. Swift seed potatoes are the earliest of earlies, with crops being harvested in as little as 60 days. High yielding variety that produces a round-to-oval shaped white tuber with creamy flesh and shallow eyes. A real all-rounder in the kitchen, Swift has been bred for early use in the north of Scotland so you can be assured this is a hardy variety. Great disease resistance to blackleg, common scab, powdery scab and eelworm resistance, Swift is an ideal variety to grow in containers for early use.
 Winston. Boiling, baking, chipping. Another Jack Dunnett variety, have proved to be both a commercial and an exhibition success all in one. Released in 1992 this white skinned variety has been unstoppable on the showbench circuit winning many titles year after year. Winston produces high yields of smooth shallow eyed tubers that are short-to-oval in shape. Their flesh has a firm texture and a creamy colour, whilst thier very low dry matter would see Winston described as a wet potato.Winston potatoes have excellent all round disease resistance.

Thanks to JBA for their supply & description. Our potatoes are supplied from Scotland and certified.

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