Second Early Seed Potato

Listed below are the second early seed potatoes we stock.

Second earlies.
Slightly later to mature than the first earlies, but still considered early potatoes. Lifting about 2 weeks after the first early potatoes are ready. The salad potato is listed in this group. Charlotte an excellent and popular second early is flavoursome &  slightly more firm in the flesh, and therefore ideal for using in salads.Like the first earlies, second early potatoes are best eaten straight out of the ground, and will keep stored in the ground for up to a month after reaching maturity.

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Second early seed potato varieties

Athlete. Salad & boil. Excellent blight resistance. Fresh superb earthy taste. Does not disintegrate on boiling. 

Bonnie.  Boiling, mashing & baking. Floury. Well known for early production of bold, even-sized tubers making them a ‘must-have’ for any serious showbench potato exhibitor. Bright skin finish with red splash around shallow eyes. Bonnie potatoes bake well with good taste-test results. Bonnie seed potatoes have good resistance to black dot, good dormancy,good resistance to blackleg, common scab and PCN Ro1. Susceptible to powdery scab and PVY.

Carlingford.  Boiling, mashing & salad. Waxy. An excellent salad type second early variety which produce a high number of round-to-oval shaped tubers. Carlingford potatoes have white skin and creamy coloured flesh with a firm, waxy texture for salad use. Disease resistance is good for common scab, skin spot and potato virus Y resistance. Can also be used as a second cropping variety and planted in early August for harvesting near Christmas.

 Charlotte. Boiling, mashing & salad. Waxy. Most popular salad potato variety in the UK.  Charlotte tubers are long with yellow skins and firm, yellow waxy flesh – making them superb for salads and boiling. Cooking qualities are excellent, and Charlotte potatoes are always full of flavour. Very good levels of foliage and tuber blight resistance. Charlotte is a popular variety for planting in August and harvesting before Christmas.

Estima.  Boiling, mashing & baking. Floury. Estima seed potatoes are commonly the ‘baking potato‘ of choice sold in most supermarkets, and produces heavy crops of large oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. Show good resistance to growth cracks and secondary growth, and are one of the most popular potato varieties in the UK.

Kestrel. Boiling, mashing, chipping, baking & roasting. Floury, waxy. One of the best overall varieties in living memory. Bred by the great man himself, Jack Dunnett, this potato has taken the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour. Without doubt one of the best tasting potato varieties available. with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance. If in any doubt at all, Kestrel are the potatoes that you should always be growing in your garden.

Maris Peer.  Boiling, mashing,  baking & salad. Floury, waxy. Produces one of the most magnificent looking haulms ever seen. The flowers on the foliage are even scented which makes them unusual. Maris Peer tubers are oval shaped with white skins and a firm, creamy coloured flesh. Disease-wise they have good resistance to all skin diseases. Maris Peer are particlarly well suited for second cropping and harvesting at Christmas time.

Nadine. Boiling, mashing,  baking & roasting.  Waxy. Nadine seed potatoes are one of the most successful varieties introduced around 1987 by famous potato breeder, Jack Dunnett. Nadine tubers are round in shape with a clean white skin and cream coloured flesh. A high yielding variety, Nadine produces many tubers at the root and are a popular showbench variety. Nadine potatoes tend to be very popular at the supermarkets.

Nicola.   Boiling, mashing & salad. Waxy. Produce a long, oval shaped tuber with yellow skins and waxy, light yellow flesh – perfect for boiling and salads. Disease-wise, Nicola seed potatoes are resistant to potato cyst nematode (PCN), common scab, potato leaf roll virus, potato virus Y and bruising. Nicola potatoes are also a very popular variety for late planting and harvesting at Christmas time.

Wilja.  Boiling, mashing, chipping, baking & roasting. Floury, waxy. Wilja seed potatoes were one of the first, Dutch-bred, varieties to change the rule book about second earlies. Wilja allowed large consistent crops of light yellow skinned tubers to be produced in a shorter time period. The flesh of Wilja potatoes is yellow and firm being in-between waxy and floury.

Constance. Mashing, boiling & baking. With a smooth texture and buttery taste this potato also has a yelllow colour that it retains after peeling. It is also an all round good disease resistant potato with particular resistance to common scab and potato virus. 

Gemson. Salads & boiling. Gemson will form many small potatoes that are ideal 'new' potatoes for use in salads. With an oval shape and white flesh and also a good all round disease resistance; especially to powdery scab and blackleg, these potatoes make an excellent addition to any crop. 

Marfona. Mashing, boiling & baking. With a smooth buttery taste and short oval shape these potatoes are well suited to a range of cooking applications. They also have a good all round resistance to disease and are very reliable. 

Sarpo Una. Boiling, Salad & Bake. With a delicate flavour and waxy flesh it also has a good blight resistance, as well as resistance to other diseases. If harvested early it is better for salads.

 Thanks to JBA for their supply & description. Our potatoes are supplied from Scotland and certified.

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