Maincrop Seed Potato

Listed below are the main crop seed potatoes we stock.

Maincrop seed potatoes mature after the earlies and have a heavier crop or yield. The potatoes are usually larger.
They can be planted from mid March onwards as an approximate guide depending on weather. If planted in late April the potatoes can be harvested by mid-August, and this can continue through to October. 
Maincrop potatoes can either be used fresh from the ground or stored for winter use.

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Main Crop seed potato varieties

Blue Danube. Also know as 'Adam Blue' The latest introduction from the Sarpo breed. A stunning blue/purple skinned oval shaped variety with bright white flesh. Produces large tubers that bake well. This is a stunning plant when flowering too.

Cara. Boiling, baking, chipping & roasting. Flourystill one of the most popular maincrop varieties due to their excellent resistance to blight. Cara tubers are round with white skin and pink eyes. They are a very robust variety and have excellent drought resistance as well as good all round disease resistance.

Desiree. Boiling, baking, chipping, mashing & roasting. Floury. Produces oval red skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. Medium dry matter, firm cooked texture, good boiling, fresh French fry & mashing quality. Desiree potatoes are a popular choice amongst many celebrity chefs, including Delia Smith & Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, due to their potential to make fantastic roast potatoes. Desiree is a heavy cropper and early bulking with high resistance to drought and good resistance to potato virus Y and powdery scab. Susceptible to potato cyst nematode and mis-shapes on heavy soils.  Moderately susceptible to spraing & mild mosaic viruses.

Juliette.  Boiling, steamed & salad.  Potato ‘Juliette’ produces long, oval, yellow-skinned and fleshed, waxy tubers, with good resistance to common scab, netted scab and golden eelworm too. A heavy crop can be lifted as an early maincrop or left in the ground for longer as a second early. Whether eaten hot or cold, Potato ‘Juliette’ is delicious boiled or steamed.  The variety that took the title for the best flavour in blind taste tests a few years ago.Harlequin is a direct rival for Anya, as it was bred by the same company, and as a cross between Pink Fir Apple and Charlotte, just imagine how good these must taste.

King Edward.  Boiling, baking, chipping, mashing & roasting.Floury. Probably the most famous potato variety on the market, and for good reason – they have both excellent cooking and taste qualities. Once cooked, King Edward potatoes rarely discolour and offer a broad range of uses Often copied but never beaten it’s not hard to see why King Edward potatoes have been around for a century – a great, solid all-round potato for home growers to enjoy.

 Maris Piper.   Boiling, baking, chipping, mashing & roasting.Floury.Produce the undisputed number one spud of choice for almost all local chip shops. It is the combination of it’s excellent cooking and frying qualities that make the Maris Piper potato stand out from the rest, and today it is still grown on a large commercial scale. Maris Piper tubers are oval shaped with white skins and cream coloured flesh. They are also a option for long-term storage.

 Markies. Boil, Baking, Chip & RoastExcellent yellow skinned with high yields. Good for frying. Good blight resistant. Excellent chips.

Mozart.  Baking, Roasting, Chipping, Mash. New red skinned all-rounder. Good yields of large oval shaped red skinned tubers, with a mild flavoured, firm flesh. Good all round kitchen use. Very good storage capabilities.

Orla. Boiling, baking, chipping, mashing & roasting.Floury. A very popular variety for the organic grower due to their high blight resistance. They can be grown as a first early or instead left to mature as an early maincrop. Orla are one of the better tasting potato varieties available, and produces large crops of bold white tubers.

Picasso. Boiling, baking, chipping & roasting.Floury & waxy. Produce tubers which are round-to-oval in shape, with smooth white skins and pink eyes. Picasso is now a popular variety for allotment growers due to its high disease resistance. With Cara as one of its parents, Picasso has a great range of uses in the kitchen. A huge yielder and good storing variety.

Pink Fir Apple.  Boiling, baking, chipping & salad. Waxy. Pink Fir Apple seed potatoes are a long and knobbly shaped heritage potato variety maintained by JBA. Due to their unique shape, Pink Fir Apple tubers are best eaten either with their skins on, or served as delicious individual chunky chips. Even when they have been stored, Pink Fir Apple potatoes retain a new potato taste well into the new year. Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

 Record. Chipping, mashing, steam & roasting. This heavy duty potato was the favourite of much revered, organic guru, Lawrence Hills. ‘Record’ has high dry matter with real flavour and it used to be the mainstay of the UK crisp industry until US takeover followed by saturation advertising convinced our children that pale gold rather than deep gold crisps were the best. ‘Record’ is now rare but a little is still grown for gardeners – it is great mashed, steamed, fried or roasted.

 Rudolph. Baking, mash, chip & roasting. Red skinned. Sweet flavour with a creamy texture.

Sarpo Mira.  Floury.This late maincrop variety has it all – unprecedented blight resistance, good slug resistance, vigorous weed suppressing foliage, and it grows well in a wide range of soils. Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’ produces huge yields of tasty, floury tubers that have a long storage potential. A real all-rounder for all cooking purposes. Organic ‘Sarpo Mira’ has Organic Certification approved by The Soil Association.

NOT AVAILABLE 2021 Amour. Boiling, mashing, baking, chipping, roasting, salad. With a floury and waxy texture, a good blight resistance and a very good uniformity of size the Amour potato is a very good all round potato for all cooking purposes. 

Arran Victory. Steamed, mashed & roasted. Floury with a very distinctive purple-blue colour Arran victory is a potato that was originally bred in 1918 In the isle of Arran. It has a reasonable disease resistance and has a high crop yield. 

Mary's rose. Boiling, mashing & wedges. Mary's rose will hold it's shape well and has a high yield. 

 Thanks to JBA our supplier for some of the descriptions

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