Festive Plants this Christmas

Festive houseplants are a perfect compliment for Christmas.

We stock a good range of houseplants all the year round, but at Christmas time we go mad for them!  We may have filled our homes with cheerful decorations, but there will still always be room for a colourful living gift.  

Cyclamen and Azaleas are the perfect choice for a cooler spot and will give you masses of colourful flowers for months to come.  Over recent years the spectacular Moth Orchid (Phalenopsis) has become widely available as it is such a long lasting and easy flower to care for – the golden rule is not to over water it. There are also loads of other pretty things like Jasmine, waxed & potted Amaryllis,  Gardenia, Kalanchoe, Anthurium, Begonias and Roses to choose from as well as a huge selection of foliage plants for almost any situation. 

  • We create our own selection of planted bowls and baskets with a seasonal mixture of flowers and foliage for a special gift and aim to have a range of prices to suit every pocket.  Don’t forget to look outside at our potted bulbs like Hyacinths and Narcissus, all of which can be brought indoors for the Christmas period, then planted out it the garden to enjoy in future years.
  • Fancy something a bit different?  We also have fascinating succulents, insect eating plants and edible citrus bushes.  If you aren’t sure what to go for, just ask one of our staff and they will be able to advise you.  And if all that isn’t enough and you know someone who always kills any plant they get their hands on, we also stock a range of really lifelike artificial plants and flowers that will cheer up the darkest corner.
  • To complete your gift we also sell attractive pot covers and we can gift wrap it all if you want.  All our houseplants will come to you wrapped in our cheerful recycled paper for their own protection free of charge.

Recent studies claim houseplants can (and I am quoting here!) boost mood, increase creativity, reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants to make you healthier and happier.  We can’t guarantee this but maybe your gift will do a lot more than you think for its recipient!

We have plenty of choice right up until Christmas Eve. Gift wrapped and ready to go!




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