Fresh Holly Wreath & Christmas Posie


Every single wreath and posie we sell is hand made on site with fresh local foliage.  All our staff switch their day jobs to become full time holly cutters, ribbon wirers and wreath makers!  We are always overjoyed to welcome Gill back to work in a cold greenhouse at a time when she should really be enjoying her retirement.  Many of you will remember her from her days in the Butter Market and she is the originator and creator of our range, so quality control is guaranteed.    

  • We grow all our own holly for wreath making and have some special varieties that provide us with particularly good cut foliage.  We have dense dark green, silver and gold variegated leaf forms, all of which grace our creations.  If possible we use fresh berries, but more often than not the blackbirds and fieldfares beat us to it.  We do not net our holly to protect the berries as we believe they should be used as nature intended to help the wildlife.  The holly will have been cut the same day as it is used to guarantee freshness and once made everything is kept outside to ensure they are kept in peak condition.  They usually sell so quickly they don’t have chance to hang around.  The Blue Spruce conifer and the fir cones we use in our seasonal work are all gathered from local sustainable forestry and as with our Christmas Trees, we are supporting another small local rural business. 
  • Our holly wreaths come in a range of designs and are suitable for graves and memorials as well as for livening up doorways or gates.  We decorate them with cones, ribbons and Christmas Roses (alas artificial) so they are ready for display.  The Christmas posies are made on a green saucer using Oasis so can be kept moist and therefore used indoors as well as outside.  They contain a mix of holly, conifer, ribbons, artificial flowers and cones, and give us the opportunity to offer you a wide range of colour combinations.
  • Both the wreaths and the posies are totally winter hardy and will not be damaged by the cold weather.  If you are intending to use them in one of our rather windswept local church yards we recommend you invest in some of our large wire hooks (called fabric staples) to anchor them down.

We will not be offended if you want to use our wreaths as a starting point to make your own creation.  There is no reason why you can’t enhance them with your own extra ribbons or berries and flowers from your garden to make them totally personal.  In our shop we sell a range of floristry supplies including wires, tape and a rainbow of ribbons to get you started.

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