Whether you’re looking for a present for an enthusiastic gardener or a new convert, Lyonshall Nursery will certainly have something to offer you.  Potential gifts could range from a simple packet of cress seeds to inspire even the youngest grower up to mature trees and shrubs to grace an established garden.  

We believe passionately in the joy and power of gardening and sell a huge range of practical items as well as beautiful plants to help you grow whatever inspires you or to give to your gardening friends. 

We stock the full range of Mr Fothergill’s seeds, which make the ideal present to pop into a Christmas card.  Or you could be really practical and give seed trays, labels or even a propagator.  Under the cover of our awning we sell masses of ceramic pots, from old fashioned ‘potting shed’ terracotta to enormous glazed urns.  Our recently reintroduced wooden barrels are proving incredibly popular, in full & half size oak whiskey barrels. We also have a range of wooden troughs, raised beds and planters. 

It’s not exactly easy to wrap these kinds of gifts, so you could jazz them up with some ribbon instead.  Check in our shop for a great selection of waterproof floristry ribbons to deal with the most awkward wrapping job.

Good garden tools are always a welcome gift and we stock a range of traditional wooden handled forks, spades, hoes, rakes and anything else you might need.  We also stock the brilliant Darlac hand tool range, with its award winning secateurs, loppers, trowels and other essentials.

Gardeners love new plants!  This is a great time of year to plant trees and shrubs so why not give someone a rose bush or fruit tree.  We have a fantastic range of roses from the tiny patios to enormous ramblers so with the help of our knowledgeable staff you can choose something suitable for almost anyone.  Fruit can range from a small pot of strawberries through blackcurrants and raspberries up to full size apples and pears.  Once again with the help of our staff you should be able find the perfect gift for just about anyone, even if they only have a pot on the door step.    

With many of us finding we have more time on our hands than usual perhaps a bird feeder to put outside the window or even a bird table would be a welcome gift as we gaze out in search of inspiration.  Or you could give some tasty bird treats to someone who already loves their garden birds.  And don’t limit the tasty treats to the birds – we sell lots of delicious Christmas treats for people too in the form of chocolates, biscuits and booze.  We are extremely lucky to be next door neighbours with the producers of the amazing Award Winning Penrhos Gin so we have lots of their delicious stuff on hand and they make sure we never run out.

Even with all this to choose from, sometimes you still can’t decide, so we also sell the essential National Gardening Gift Vouchers.  They come in a range of denominations with an attractive card and are always welcomed.  Even the most half hearted gardener will love them as they can be spent at any time of the year, so they can wait for some warmer weather then have a spree.   

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