Seed Potato availability 2024


Producing your own really tasty early ‘new’ potatoes is extremely rewarding and saves money and food miles. If you only have a small space to grow vegetables, it shouldn’t stop you growing potatoes.   We sell small packs of ten tubers which are ideal for pot growing or small gardens, or you can buy larger 2kg packs for a larger vegetable plot.  If you’re new to potato growing we have a comprehensive section of information below, but it’s worth just bearing in mind a few key facts.

  • Don’t expect perfection! 
  • ​Remember the taste matters more than the looks 
  • The best way of eating potatoes is to dig them, boil them and eat them within the hour, so concentrate your efforts on a few delicious earlies rather than trying to grow huge quantities.
  • Main crops can be stored in cool place frost free. In a hessian sack. Must check regularly for any that start to rot.You may smell this first though!   

The one thing no potato will tolerate is frost, so don’t start too early unless you can protect the growing plants.

Choose varieties that give you what you want, so if you object to spraying pick the disease resistant varieties, or if you love chips, grow a proper chipper.  Potato varieties are fantastically diverse, so choose carefully and avoid the ‘one size fits all’ supermarket approach.

We’ve noted the varieties that hold an Award of Garden Merit (AGM), as these have been trialled and judged to be especially garden worthy.  It’s not a guarantee of success but can offer a starting point to new comers.

√ = available now. The varieties shown are what we are expecting this season and will become available soon. Sorry if it's not on the list - not available this season.

List updated 30-03-24

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size available size available description useful info Good for....   Award
of Garden Merit
      FIRST EARLY            



  ACCORD YES NO High yielding,good disease resistance, Boil, chip    
    ARRAN PILOT YES NO Good yields, best straight from the ground, waxy Boil, salad    
    COLLEEN NO YES High yielding, uniform oval tubers, good disease resistance      
    CASABLANCA YES YES Rapid grower, good for showing Boil, chip, bake Ideal Yes
  DUKE OF YORK YES YES famous for their great taste and all-round culinary use in the kitchen  
  Boil, chip, bake,salad
      DUNLUCE YES NO Good yields, matures early, floury Boil, mash, bake Yes  
  FOREMOST YES YES Excellent flavour, reasonable disease resistance Boil, salad   Yes
      HOME GUARD YES NO Early maturing, good flavour, waxy Boil, salad    
      INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY YES NO Dig early for small or leave to develop for larger floury  Boil, salad, bake Yes  
      LADY CHRISTL YES NO Firm, waxy, can be harvested in as little as 8 weeks Boil, saute Yes Yes
    MARIS BARD YES YES Good yields, drought tolerance, waxy, earthy taste Boil, salad Yes Yes
      PENTLAND JAVELIN YES YES Good flavour,disease and drought tolerance, late All rounder    
  PREMIERE NO YES High yields,good flavour, disease resistance, early Boil, mash     
  RED DUKE OF YORK YES YES Red skin, very tasty, attractive plants Roast,mash Yes Yes
  ROCKET YES YES Matures early, mild flavour, eat as new potato only Boil, salad Yes  
  SHARPES EXPRESS YES YES Excellent flavour, floury, drought tolerance Boil, salad, chip Yes Yes
    SWIFT YES YES Very early, uniform size, tasty, short foliage Boil, salad Ideal  
      SECOND EARLY            
      BONNIE N/A2023 N/A2023 Firm, tasty, good yields, good disease resistance Boil, bake    
      CARLINGFORD N/A2023 N/A2023 Early, reliable, distinctive taste, waxy Boil, salad, bake Yes  
    CHARLOTTE YES YES High yields, excellent flavour, waxy, always a best seller Salad, boil Yes Yes
    EMILY NO YES High yields, short oval to round Salad    
      ACOUSTIC NO YES High yield, blight resistant, pale skinned, tasty and creamy fleshed Salad, boil    
    ESTIMA YES NO High yields, uniform, versatile, firm texture All rounder    
    GEMSON NO YES High yields, excellent  quality Boil, salads    
      KESTREL YES NO Early, high yielding, good disease resistance,tasty All rounder    
      MARFONA N/A2023 N/A2023 High yields, good drought resistance, waxy Bake, roast, mash    
  MARIS PEER YES YES Small, uniform, tasty, slug resistance Boil, salad Yes  
      NADINE YES NO Firm, waxy, mild, disease resistance, good for showing All rounder   Yes
  NICOLA YES YES Firm, waxy, buttery taste, good yields Salad, boil    
    SAGITTA YES NO Chip Shop' favourite, very tasty, waxy, disease resistance Chip, roast, mash    
      SARPO UNA NO YES Red, excellent blight resistance, high yeilds, waxy Salad, bake Yes  
      WILJA YES YES High yields, tasty, firm, dry texture Boil, salad    
      MAIN CROP            
    ARRAN VICTORY NO YES Purple skin, floury, very tasty, vigorous blight resistant foliage Mash, roast    
  CARA YES YES Vigorous, high yields, disease resistant, late harvest Bake, boil    
    CAROLUS NO YES Organic favourite as productive and blight resistant, floury, early,  Bake, chip, mash   Yes
  DESIREE YES YES Red, vigorous,drought resistant, waxy, tasty All rounder   Yes
      JULIETTE N/A2023 N/A2023 Fantastic flavour, very waxy, good crops Boil, salad    
    KING EDWARD YES YES High yields, excellent flavour, slug resistance Roast, mash, bake    
  MARIS PIPER YES YES Good yields, good flavour, excellent chipper Chip, roast, bake   Yes
      MARY'S ROSE N/A2023 N/A2023 Pink skinned, early, productive, tasty Boil, mash, roast    
    MOZART NO YES Red, uniform, productive, mild and firm texture All rounder    
      ORLA YES NO High yeilds, tasty, productive, blight resistant, organic favourite Boil, bake   Yes
      PENTLAND CROWN YES NO Early, drought and disease resistant, productive All rounder    
      PICASSO YES NO Productive, drought and disease resistance, mild, waxy Boil, bake, roast   Yes
      PINK FIR APPLE YES YES Delicious nutty taste, waxy, firm, knobbly long thin tubers Salad, fry   Yes
    SARPO MIRA NO YES Excellent blight resistance, productive, vigorous, floury All rounder   Yes
      SETANTA NO NO Excellent blight resistance, drought tolerant, good for organic use All rounder Yes  


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